Agenda Board of Directors Meeting - November 20, 2019 - 3:30 p.m.

Agenda I. CALL MEETING TO ORDER II. CONTINUATION OF ANNUAL MEETING SCHEDULED ON NOVEMBER 13, 2019 III. APPROVAL OF GENERAL BOARD MEETING MINUTES OCTOBER 16, 2019 (Regular Meeting) and NOVEMBER 6, 2019 (Special Meeting) IV. BOARD AND MANAGEMENT REPORTS: A. Delinquencies/Liens: B. Correspondence: C. Board Member Reports & Disclosures: • Volunteer Projects: Recently completed or targeted as a priority for completion • Arbor Day Foundation tree planting on Make a Difference Day, October 26, 2019 • Status of valuation of PG&E Fire Claim • Trespass on Open Space by an owner on Chanterelle Circle adjacent to Open Space Parcel FB5 • Form Team to provide OSMA input to Jen Santos, City Parks, regarding FEMA Parkway improvements and City’s desire for homeowners to accept financial responsibility for improvements after 3 years • Other Board Disclosures, not listed on Agenda IV. REPORTS A. Finance and Budget: • Review/acceptance of financial and bank statements & bank reconciliations – September & October 2019 • Volunteer reporting for insurance policies: Modification of HOA and non-HOA Volunteer Lists for MADD • Compiling asset database for preparing updated Reserve Fund Report and input to Reserve Analysis B. Landscape Team: • Review and consider approving vendor bids in Board package, or ratify proposals approved by e-mails • Status of irrigation repairs and expenses and commitments against 2019 Budget C. Forestry/Wildlands Team: • Review and consider approving vendor bids in Board package, or ratify proposals approved by e-mails • Fire Cleanup o Review year to date and projected expenses versus 2019 o Review projects recently completed or in progress by Sandborn, The Tree Man or CFSES o Timing, staffing and deliverables needed for applying to Cal Fire for a 2020 Fire Prevention Grant D. Fire Safe Action Committee: • Status of action underway by Consultants developing City’s CWPP • Action taken to Form a Fire Safe Council in FGII and updating FGII CWPP E. Hospitality: Welcome Packages F. Website and Communication: • Status of e-mail consent list and address changes • Content for next E-newsletter V. OLD BUSINESS: Required mailing of Annual Budget Disclosure Package by end of November VI. NEW BUSINESS: Next Board Meeting: December 18, 2019 VII. ADJOURN TO EXECUTIVE SESSION at 5:30 p.m. • Settling trespass and encroachment on Open Space of residences located in the FGII East, West and Summit and any legal issues to discuss • Delinquencies (if required) • Violation Hearings, if any