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Volunteer to Plant Some Trees!

"Make a Difference Day" takes place on Saturday, October 26, 2019 from 8:00-midday, presenting a wonderful opportunity to get some fresh air and a little exercise as we help plant over 100 trees and shrubs, thanks to support provided to the California Urban Forests Council (CAUFC) courtesy of Google and the Arbor Day Foundation. 

The CAUFC and OSMA chose Make a Difference Day for the planting to provide an opportunity for us to come together and help restore and beautify our local community. The OSMA and CAUFC invite you to help plant trees and shrubs in Fountaingrove II West. The new trees and shrubs will greatly improve the Open Space along Parker Hill and part of Crown Hill Drive.  

The funding will purchase plants and supplies, but it’s people who put the plants in the ground. We need your help!  If you, your family or friends have a little bit of time and a whole lot of positive attitude, the OSMA and CAUFC welcome you!  Need some incentive?  Volunteers will be entered in a drawing, and the lucky winners will come away with either a $100 gift card to Sweet T’s or Stark’s Restaurants.  These local establishments experienced fire losses and have been successful in restarting their businesses. (The wine gift was withdrawn due to the potential that minors might win the award, but perhaps something more suitable will be an added surprise).  

Everyone will meet at Rincon Ridge Park (corner of Rincon Ridge Drive and Park Gardens Drive) at 8:00 and return to the park for a light lunch and the prize drawings.

If you would like to volunteer for Make a Difference Day, please register here:


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Please join us for the OSMA Annual Meeting / Firewise Meeting taking place on Wednesday evening, November 13th at 6:30.  We'll convene at the Friedman Center, 4676 Mayette Avenue in Santa Rosa.


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Policing the open space is not a favorite activity of the OSMA, so please watch your property boundaries, manage your workers and respect the native property that all owners within Fountaingrove II pay to maintain and preserve.  Clean up debris, keep vehicles and other equipment or materials off - and do not add rocks, boulders, dirt, etc. to the open space.  If you see someone violating the open space in any way, please contact OSMA's property manager at Focus Real Estate & Investments at 544-9443.

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Take a look at some very informative and important information for every property owner who lives in California...HERE