7 weeks 4 days ago

  1. Keep all wood fencing well away from your home.  Get a metal gate!!  Wood fencing acts like a wick in a fire.

  2. If you must use mulch, use rocks! All natural mulch material is flammable. Do NOT believe the misinformation that redwood bark (gorilla hair) is "safe because redwood trees are fire resistant." The reason redwood trees are fire resistant is because of the way they grow new sprouts.

  3. Plant nothing in the 3-5' zone around your home. If you can't wean yourself away from plants near your home, plant succulents or cacti. Generally speaking, they cook, but don't spread fire. Do your research!

13 weeks 6 days ago

Policing the open space is not a favorite activity of the OSMA, so please watch your property boundaries, manage your workers and respect the native property that all owners within Fountaingrove II pay to maintain and preserve.  Clean up debris, keep vehicles and other equipment or materials off - and do not add rocks, boulders, dirt, etc. to the open space.  If you see someone violating the open space in any way, please contact OSMA's property manager at Focus Real Estate & Investments at 544-9443.

2 weeks 2 days ago

The 2019 OSMA Annual Report to the City of Santa Rosa has been filed.  Take a look!  HERE