California ReLeaf

Fountaingrove II OSMA has been awarded a new grant from California ReLeaf!  

Since the Tubbs Firestorm, the OSMA has actively pursued grant opportunities to help restore our Open Space more quickly and without implementing an increase in dues. In April of last year, the OSMA received a $55,000 award from the Arbor Day Foundation to plant more than 300 trees in the landscape parcels in the FGII East. It was a welcome influx of help and soothing greenery for our neighborhood.

In November of last year, Lynn Lankford, a volunteer on the Finance Committee, stepped forward and spent significant time researching and studying Cal Fire grants. Lynn sorted through the current available grants, and determined the best option for OSMA was to apply for a ReLeaf planting grant. Working with Cal Fire and support from the OSMA Board, she successfully obtained a grant of approximately $40,000 awarded on February 5th

This ReLeaf grant will provide funds to not only acquire 100 trees to plant on the visible commutes along the Parkway and Parker Hill Road, but also funds for irrigation, supplies and pre-digging the planting holes. Acquiring this (or any) grant was not merely the submission of an easy application. It took hours of hard work to set up planting plan, budget, and infrastructure to fund the grant through Inquiring Systems, Inc., who will be OSMA’s fiscal sponsor and administrator of the grant money under its 501(c)(3) tax status. The OSMA is grateful for Lynn’s creativity, perseverance, grit, and many volunteer hours spent in obtaining this grant and helping with its management and implementation. The OSMA Board will be seeking your help, and the help of other community volunteers, as we implement the planting grant later this spring.

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