New Year News

(Please click on title above for full blog entry)  I've had a few people ask about the 2011 coupon books for OSMA dues.  We heard back from the bank today that there was a problem with the printer and that only about a third of the booklets have been mailed out.  We've been assured that booklets will be mailed to the rest of us who haven't yet received ours in the next couple of days, so please be patient.

Next, I just wanted to remind those of you who have neglected to change out your non-locking mailboxes to do so very soon.  In just the next few weeks, lots of mail with all your very important personal information will be arriving....  great treasure for identity thieves!  Hop on down to Home Depot and grab a locking mailbox.  It's not rocket science to install, and you'll be happy to know that your important mail will be safe.
Major work continues in our open space.  Fuel reduction in the large open space island in the west between Parker Hill and Crown Hill has nearly been completed.  It's really a beautiful parcel with some magnificent vistas and even a honeybee hive hidden in the hollow of a tree!  More work in other areas should be starting very soon, as our window of opportunity for tree work closes as nesting season begins next month.
Finally, I'm attaching a photo of a raptor perched atop one of our new habitat trees.  As I may have mentioned in the past, we have learned that dead trees are essential to the health of our forests, and they are mandated in our legal documents with the City.  The OSMA is required to have 2 habitat trees per acre, so when we are looking at dead trees in our open space, we must designate that some trees remain for wildlife purposes.  Trees that pose safety risks are not considered for habitat trees - but there are others that make great specimens. Take a walk or drive along Rincon Ridge and look up at the open space island.  There are several habitat trees we recently had created.  Not only do they serve as perches for raptors, but they will also provide sources of food and nesting spots for lots of critters.  It's wonderful to see that they are already at work!