OSMA Plans as We Rebuild Fountaingrove II

The OSMA extends its deepest condolences to all our Fountaingrove II family, whether you lost your home, your business, your neighborhood, pet(s), or most tragically, someone you loved.  Our neighborhood will never be the same, but we will come back and we promise to create an even stronger community.

The OSMA Board has been busy communicating with City officials and others to help start the cleanup and rebuilding process.  We will be forwarding any information that we think is helpful in the days and weeks to come. 

Many homeowners have asked whether OSMA dues should still be paid. The simple answer is yes, please keep paying your OSMA dues.  Our budget will change - a lot - as we move forward, but we still have our normal fixed administrative costs and, believe it or not, landscaping maintenance.  The rest of our (your) money will be stretched in different ways, such as for fire damage consultation from our urban foresters, geotechnical consultation regarding erosion, legal, dangerous tree removal, and other yet-unknowns.  The picturesque scenery and natural landscape is what attracted most of us to our neighborhood and we need to restore it as quickly as possible for both the special place it was, as well as to insure our financial investments are recovered and continue to grow.  Our plan is to reallocate our current funding to support the rebuild process and not change the current dues assessment.

The OSMA will work to help avoid erosion problems, inhibit invasions of alien plants (a common occurrence after a fire), and nurture damaged trees and plants that we hope to save. Our Fountaingrove II Design Program for Open Space Management document details the OSMA’s role and responsibilities.  Please feel free to view it and our other legal documents at www.fountaingroveii.com.  The Design Program and Open Space Maintenance Plan can be found here:  http://www.fountaingroveii.com/sites/default/files/design-program-osma_0.... There is a summary of the Plan objectives and the Fire and Fuel Management Guidelines that can be found here: http://www.fountaingroveii.com/sites/default/files/upload/open_space_management_plan_-_objectives_and_safety_obligations_web.pdf.

We anticipate that many areas will need replanting, irrigation will need repairs, grasses will need to be cut, and we must be vigilant to make certain that toxic materials from adjacent properties do not get dumped onto OSMA property and into the creeks of our watershed.  Yes, we still need your dues to continue to perform required weed abatement, manage safety issues on open space and otherwise maintain all the property we manage if we want to protect our investments.

The OSMA Board met Wednesday and plans to hold another meeting next Wednesday to redraft our budget taking the post-fire realities into consideration.  It’s a whole new world and we hope to work together to make the rebuilding process more collaborative and efficient for everyone. The all-volunteer Board is doing its best to stay focused, managing this crisis in the most efficient manner possible, as well as dealing with our own lost or damaged homes.  We are all in this together.

On November 8th, the OSMA Annual Meeting will still take place, but the location will change.  We are working on securing a new meeting site now - along with a new program - and we hope that most of you can attend.  For those who cannot attend, we are trying to arrange for the meeting to be streamed over the internet, fingers crossed.

Again, our thoughts are with you and yours as you navigate the new roads ahead.


Fountaingrove II OSMA Board