Our newer homes have older vents! Retrofit to new fire-safe vents and save your home!

If you attended the OSMA Annual/Firewise Meeting, you heard Ray Moritz of Urban Forestry Associates present a brief overview on the newest attic/crawl space vents.  There are several manufacturers, but here is information on vents from Vulcan Technologies.   http://www.vulcantechnologies.com
The vents allow for normal air flow into your crawl space/attic until a fire occurs.  The vents have very small holes, but also have an intumescent coating - which is like a foam that expands when exposed to a heat source of about 350 degrees, closing up the already tiny holes, keeping out any flying embers.  
Although our homes are fairly new, almost all of us would be considered out of compliance if our same homes were built today, as the screen material that most of our vents have is now considered too large.  Flying embers can easily be sucked into those 1/4” openings - landing on combustible insulation and burning your home from the inside out.  Yikes.
Good news - these vents come in various sizes and shapes - and are available at Friedman’s Home Improvement!