ARC (Architectural Review Committee)

What is the ARC?

The Architectural Review Committees (ARCs) for Fountaingrove II enforce the Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs) and are separate entities that have no relationship with OSMA.  There are three separate sets of CC&Rs within Fountaingrove II:  Fountaingrove II East, the Summit, and Fountaingrove II West.  Each of these three areas should have their own Architectural Review Committee to enforce the CC&Rs.  

Currently, there is only one functioning ARC - in the East.  Homeowners in the East with questions related to the ARC may contact Focus Real Estate and Investments, as the East employs Focus as its management firm.  Homeowners in the Summit and West are strongly encouraged to form their own ARC in order to enforce CC&Rs and deal with neighborhood-specific issues.

East includes Rincon Ridge Drive and all streets adjoining it, Hadley Hill and its adjoining streets, portions of Kendell Hill, Rocky Point, Boulder Point and Daybreak Court.

The Summit includes Newgate and Hansford Courts.

West includes most of Parker Hill and adjoining streets from the west side of Fountaingrove Pkwy (including most of Wedgewood and Stanhope Ct) down to Manor Park Place, Crown Hill and its adjoining streets, along with portions of Horizon View.

If a homeowner would like to change paint colors, install a pool, build a structure or fence, complain about a neighborhood nuisance or other such matters, your area ARC is the entity to contact.  The OSMA cannot help you with those matters.

Dues for the ARC, if required, are billed separately from OSMA dues.