2013 Annual Report to the City

 As many of you know, the OSMA must provide an annual report to the City with a detailed account of what transpired over the past year each February 1st. The report includes what actions we took and why, provides detailed reports of trees removed and supporting justification from qualified authorities, fire safety/fuel reduction work, planting, etc.

Press Democrat "Letter of the Day" Lauds OSMA's Forest Practices

Ray Moritz of Urban Forestry Associates wrote a letter to the editor which became the Press Democrat's "Letter of the Day" on January 5, 2014.  His letter was in response to an article about the girdling and removal of Douglas-firs in Annadel State Park.  In his letter, he explains that Fountaingrove II OSMA has been using better forest/habitat health practices and should be recognized for doing so:

Press Democrat Article on SOD Features OSMA Board Members

The Press Democrat has a front page article on Sudden Oak Death (SOD) today.  The writer spoke with Dennis Searles and Bruce McConnell, both OSMA Board members, about SOD in our open space.  I felt the article didn't indicate how truly widespread SOD is in our area.

Rincon Ridge Park - Beautiful!

Drive on by Rincon Ridge Park soon.  You'll see many areas of the native portions have been fuel-reduced and look spectacular!  Over 50 trees were removed or turned into "habitat" trees just along Park Gardens alone.  The removed trees were dangerous because of their health or were a significant source of fuel in the event of a fire.  The remaining forested area is now safer and healthier for all concerned.

Fireworks are illegal!!

 Fireworks are illegal in the City of Santa Rosa.  Please be smart and respectful of your neighbors.  Enjoy the professional show at the fairgrounds, but do not light off your own fireworks.  Fountaingrove is located within a very high fire severity zone, and your mistake could mean your neighbors' loss of an entire lifetime of memories.

Street Closures for Slurry Seal Application

 The Fountaingrove Parkway and some interior streets will be receiving a slurry seal application in August.  We have just received detailed information on the application and some street closures (The Parkway is not mentioned in this notice).

Fire Season is Upon Us!

Yes, it's here.  Dry grasses and warm weather signify the time for everyone in Fountaingrove to be ready for fire season.  Please be aware of your responsibilities as a homeowner and resident of a very high fire severity danger zone.  Just because your home may be coated in stucco and you irrigate your shrubs doesn't mean you're free from worry or danger.

Come for a walk through the open space: April 6 and April 13th

Interested in seeing the phenomenal beauty just beyond your own backyard?  Come for a hike through the open space!  Saturday, April 6 and/or April 13th, the OSMA will lead hikes through some of our spectacular wildlands.  We'll meet at Rincon Ridge Park at 9:00 a.m. and go from there.  Be prepared to be out from 1 to 2 hours.  Wear long pants and long sleeved shirts.  Hiking boots preferred.  No dogs, please.  We'll look forward to glimpsing some wildflowers as we welcome spring!  Questions?

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