Interested in Having Your Dues Payments Automatically Withdrawn from Your Bank Account?

If you are interested in having your dues payments automatically withdrawn from your bank account, you can find the form in the Homeowner Corner. To access the Homeowner Corner, you must be a registered homeowner. It's easy, and once you're registered you'll be able to access other information that is really just for Fountaingrove II homeowners.

Sudden Oak Death Spraying Begins

The Hitmen (a Santa Rosa pest control company) has begun spraying some of our oak trees to help fight against Sudden Oak Death in the open space.  The chemicals being sprayed are Agri-Fos and Pentra-Bark.  The Agr-Fos is used to aid in the tree's own defense system and the Pentra-Bark helps the Agri-Fos penetrate into the tree.  The first area of spraying is behind Parker Hill Road, where most of Fountaingrove II's most magnificent oaks reside. Over 300 trees have been flagged for spraying in just this area.

Rural Fire Fee? ...And other items

A couple of homeowners received bills from the State Board of Equalization notifying them that they will need to pay the new rural fire fee of $150. Fountaingrove II is within the City limits of Santa Rosa and is serviced by the Santa Rosa City Fire Department.   However, should there ever be a fire within our wild open space, Cal Fire will be on the scene with all their specialized equipment (thank goodness!).  According to the Santa Rosa Fire Department, these billings are a mistake.

Mountain Lion Sighting

Just in case you have not yet become a member of the neighborhood website through, I'm letting everyone know that a homeowner posted there that he believes he saw a mountain lion walk through

Dangerous Trees to Come Down

Just a couple of things of which you should be aware....

Soon Sandborn Tree Service will remove three fairly significant trees from our open space, two of which are very visible.  All must be removed for safety reasons, and we are very sad to see them go.  

1) The Bay Laurel at the corner of Rincon Ridge and Fountaingrove must be removed because a significant portion of the tree's base is dead.  It is in serious danger of falling onto the pathway below.  

Be a good neighbor

Since its inception, the OSMA has had to deal with homeowners who felt that their pruning and property use rights extended far beyond their property lines.  It seems that lately, however, there is a marked increase in the number of open space abuse cases with which the OSMA must contend.   Do you know the rules?  If you have taken the time to find this website and read this message, you probably do.  Please help us by talking to your neighbors about the importance of protecting our open space and that their property rights end at their fence lines.

Second Pass of Weed Whacking - Start Time Now 6:00 a.m.

The weed abatement crews are making their way through our open space firebreaks for a second time this summer.  They are now starting their work at 6:00 a.m., as the cool mornings will create a safer environment for this type of work.  Although the grasses have not had more incentives to grow because the rains have stopped, there is still a need to cut back the thriving poison oak and broom seedlings that continue to crop up.  

Sudden Oak Death Blitz - Saturday, May 19th

You may or may not know that Sudden Oak Death is very much a part of our Fountaingrove forest life, unfortunately.  The Fountaingrove II OSMA has several confirmed sites within our 200 acres of open space.

Woodstock is Back!

 Woodstock is back on home turf at Rincon Ridge Park after an extended vacation at the local rejuvenation spa!  Thanks to several neighbors with various tools and equipment, it all came together for a final installation. There was only one small mishap in the endeavor, but the bump is easily repaired, and soon Woodstock will be perfect once again. He is now glued, bolted, rebar reinforced and nicely refurbished!

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