New Weed Abatement Deadline - June 1st, 2012

Because of the rainy weather we've had in April the SR Fire Department has extended its weed abatement compliance deadline to June 1st.  That means you have a few more weeks to start with your maintenance for the season, which usually lasts through summer and into November.  Remember, we live in a very high fire severity zone.  It takes everyone working together to keep us safer from a burning ember becoming an out of control wildfire.

OSMA 2011 "Year in Review" Video is Online

If you'd like to see a shortened version of the informational "Year in Review"  video (without the snappy tunes), click here.  The video explains what OSMA is, what it did in 2011 and what plans are for the future.  We hope you find it very informative.

City Reviews Annual Report - OSMA Is In Compliance

Each year, the OSMA submits an annual report to the City describing its progress throughout the year - whether it's describing the reduction of fuel in open space, the removal of dangerous trees or the propagation and planting of rare native species.  The report is OSMA's proof that it is in compliance with a Conditional Use Permit, which must be approved each year.  Here is the letter from the City of Santa Rosa announcing its approval for renewal - City Letter.

Woodstock is Ready to Fly Home!

 Rincon Ridge Park has been the home for Woodstock (designed and painted by homeowner Wade Eakle) for several years.  He's had the occasional bird leave a mess on his nose, and once or twice he's had pizza slimed on him, but for the most part he's been respectfully left to enjoy his perch.  Recently, however, vandals have tipped him over causing cracks in the fiberglass and begun destroying the concrete base to which he was affixed.  

2011 OSMA Annual Meeting / FireWise Meeting Set for November 2nd

Please plan on attending this important annual event.  Check back for details on time and place! 

Proposed Minor Revisions to Use Permit - 5/11

Click on the title above and then click the attached files to see the proposed minor revisions OSMA has proposed to our Use Permit with the City.


New Year News

(Please click on title above for full blog entry)  I've had a few people ask about the 2011 coupon books for OSMA dues.  We heard back from the bank today that there was a problem with the printer and that only about a third of the booklets have been mailed out.  We've been assured that booklets will be mailed to the rest of us who haven't yet received ours in the next couple of days, so please be patient.

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