I'm doing some work in my backyard. Access to my yard looks so easy through my back fence over a little patch of open space. That won't be any big deal, right?

Wrong.  All of the open space (whether it's irrigated and landscaped or naturally wild) is our scenic treasure.  Traversing over it to your own yard to deliver materials, for example, would be like traipsing through your next door neighbor's backyard for your convenience.  It is the OSMA's responsibility to protect the land from damage.  It is entirely possible that hidden water lines or endangered plants are present.  Tree roots might become damaged, erosion problems might be created, or any number of other problems may occur.

There have been instances where the OSMA has granted access through the open space to homeowners, but they must present their request to the Board for approval, sign waivers and submit a deposit.  Homeowners caught trespassing without approval through the open space will be fined.

The OSMA highly encourages homeowners to explore the open space on foot.  Take a hike with a friend and you'll find what glorious beauty is just beyond our front doors.