Fire Safety / Defensible Space

Everyone in Fountaingrove II must create defensible space around their home.  It won't be flames licking at your doorstep that cause your home to burn during a wildfire, as most homes burned in such an event are lost due to flying embers landing on nearby shrubbery.  Don't be lulled into complacency because you live on an interior lot with no direct contact with the wildlands.  The threat to your home - and your maintenance responsibility - is the same as if your property backed up onto open space.  Be smart, be safe - be a part of the solution.

Fire Safety Brochure - Defensible Space Outline

Fire Safety Brochure - Safety Guidelines and Tips

Sonoma Fire and Fire Safe Living With Fire

California Public Resources Cod Section 4291-4299 on Defensible Space

Fire Code Ordinance 3852 Santa Rosa City Council Adopted by referencing the 2007 Edition of the California Fire Code

California Fire Code Chapter 47 Requirements for Wildland Urban Interface60.56 KB
Defensible Space Standards Santa Rosa Fire Information Bulletin757.37 KB
Fire Road and EVA Information Bulletin38.05 KB