Woodstock is Ready to Fly Home!

Rincon Ridge Park has been the home for Woodstock (designed and painted by homeowner Wade Eakle) for several years.  He’s had the occasional bird leave a mess on his nose, and once or twice he’s had pizza slimed on him, but for the most part he’s been respectfully left to enjoy his perch.  Recently, however, vandals have tipped him over causing cracks in the fiberglass and begun destroying the concrete base to which he was affixed.  

Thankfully, a handful of homeowners volunteered to spend their Saturday morning carefully removing Woodstock from his concrete base and trucking him to a safe location where he can be assessed for damage.  We hope that we can have a new and improved base manufactured and that soon Woodstock will enjoy his perch back at the park.  Below are Don Allcock, Alan Williams and Brian Glynn maneuvering Woodstock into Alan’s truck.

After insertions of rebar and some handy Bondo-work, along with the creation of a brand-new concrete base, the re-painting was done… and he’s now ready to go back home.  Look for his arrival at the park soon!