Woodstock is Back!

 Woodstock is back on home turf at Rincon Ridge Park after an extended vacation at the local rejuvenation spa!  Thanks to several neighbors with various tools and equipment, it all came together for a final installation. There was only one small mishap in the endeavor, but the bump is easily repaired, and soon Woodstock will be perfect once again. He is now glued, bolted, rebar reinforced and nicely refurbished!

A big round of applause goes to:  Brian Glynn (mastermind and project manager), Alan Williams (transportation specialist), Don Allcock (funding and skill contributor), Eric Taylor (Sawzall guru), Bruce McConnell (placement technician), Corey and Trevor Glynn (arm-twisted volunteers), Babette Allcock (refreshment hostess and cheerleader) and Olive (team mascot).