Mountain Lion Sighting

Just in case you have not yet become a member of the neighborhood website through, I’m letting everyone know that a homeowner posted there that he believes he saw a mountain lion walk through Rincon Ridge Park yesterday morning (10/8/12) at about 11:00 a.m.  Whether it was a mountain lion or some other animal, it’s a good reminder for everyone that we live in an area of wildlands.  We’ve all seen plenty of deer in our neighborhoods, and that’s what’s on a cougar’s menu most of the time.  

Are mountain lions dangerous?  Here’s what the website advises:  “…if you live, work, or play in cat country, be alert! Avoid walking alone between dusk and dawn when lions are most active. Keep your children and pets close to you. Never approach or corner a mountain lion (or any wild animal). If you do encounter a mountain lion, STOP. DO NOT RUN. Unlike safety advice for encountering bears, do not act timid or play dead in front of a cat.  Instead: Maintain eye contact. Stand tall. Look bigger by opening your coat or raising your arms. Slowly wave your arms and speak firmly. Throw items at the lion if necessary. Give the cat room and time to move on.  In the rare event of an attack, fight back. Most people succeed in driving the mountain lion away.”  Another useful site with information is:

If you’d like to report a wild animal sighting, contact the Sonoma County Fish & Wildlife Commission: 565-2029,

So, if you decide to venture into our beautiful open space, always remember to bring a friend!