2013 Annual Report to the City

 As many of you know, the OSMA must provide an annual report to the City with a detailed account of what transpired over the past year each February 1st. The report includes what actions we took and why, provides detailed reports of trees removed and supporting justification from qualified authorities, fire safety/fuel reduction work, planting, etc. It’s pretty amazing what gets accomplished in 365 days with that little dues check you send in every month and with a few (too few) volunteers guiding the work. Please take a look at it on the www.fountaingroveii.com website under “Reports” and click “2013 Annual Report.” 
I’m including this note for residents outside of Fountaingrove II because I think you might find it interesting to see, too! 
By the way, OSMA manages a total of 233.5 acres (201.7 OSMA wildland, 18.3 OSMA landscaped parcels, 13.5 acres City wildlad park property).