Weed Abatement Deadline Set for May 15, 2015

Weeds and grasses on your property must be cut to 4 inches and below by May 15th and stay that way until sometime in November.  The extended drought has made our neighborhood even more primed for a devastating wildfire.  Please do your job as part of our Firewise Community!  Take a good look at your property and think like a hot ember…. Where would you just love to land and explode into flames?  The mass of shrubbery with fine needles (juniper, rosemary, etc.)?  That thicket of pampas grass (not allowed in FGII, by the way)?  A nice fluffy bush right under a window? (Great access into the house once the heat breaks the glass).  Maybe into the shrubs right under a nice tall tree making it easy to climb to the eaves of the house?  Don’t think like a landscaper (Oh, everything is irrigated – it won’t burn).  Basically, EVERYTHING except concrete, rocks, swimming pools and metal will burn.

The OSMA crews will be out in the open space soon cutting the grasses, clipping nearly 100 acres – about 1/2 of all our acreage.  Cheer them on as they pass your house!  It’s a tough job out there!For more information on Santa Rosa’s rules or forms for reporting scofflaws:  http://ci.santa-rosa.ca.us/departments/fire/prevention/weed_abatement/Pages/default.aspx