Be Fire Safe! SRFD Encourages Readiness

The tragedy of wildfires can destroy homes quickly and families are often devastated by the losses. Last year, 7,865 fires burned a total of 555,044 acres in California and was considered amongst the worst and driest fire seasons in recorded history.   Wildfire protection for our community home begins with our residents; they are the first line of defense against a Wildfire. The Santa Rosa Fire Department will assist our residents in planning for, preparing for and helping to prevent wildfires in our Wildland Urban Interface neighborhoods.

Temperatures are beginning to rise again and we are all now facing another very dry year, including the need to use less water. We live in a beautiful place but we are not immune to fire, and dry conditions increase that risk. The Santa Rosa Fire Department is urging citizens to take advantage of this time to create a defensible space around your homes. “Wildfire season is in full swing throughout California.  The combination of the dry conditions from the drought, high temperatures and low humidity during the day are a significant concern this time of the year.  We urge our community to take advantage of this unique opportunity to let us help you prepare for a wildfire,” said Paul Lowenthal, Assistant Fire Marshal. “It is everyone’s responsibility to prepare for a sudden wildfire. We expect another dry year and have seen the devastating fires in other communities.  Now is the time for residents to take action,” said Community Outreach Specialist, Jeanne Fernandes. “You can help the Santa Rosa Fire Department to protect your home from potential wildfire this season by providing a defensible space of at least 100 feet around your home.”  You can also take some simple yet effective steps now to help make your home safer and be prepared in the event of a Wildfire. Proper clearance to 100 feet dramatically increases the chance of your house surviving a wildfire. This defensible space also provides for firefighter safety when protecting homes during a wildland fire.

Here are some tips to help save your home to survive a Wildfire:

• Remove all flammable vegetation 30 feet from ALL structures.

• In an additional 70 feet, space trees and plants away from each other.

• Clear all needles and leaves from roofs, eaves & rain gutters.

• Trim branches six feet from the ground.

• Use trimming/power equipment before 10:00 a.m. and after 6:00 p.m. to avoid the heat of the day. 

• Don’t trim or use power equipment on very hot, dry or extremely windy days otherwise known as Spare the Air days.

• Landscape with fire resistant plants

• Use fire resistant building materials.

• If you or someone you know smokes please remember to completely extinguish any flammable substance and remember that we all share this beautiful place.

If you live in a Wildland-Urban Interface Fire Area (WUIFA), or want to find out if you do, please reference the Wildland-Urban Interface Fire Area Map for the City of Santa Rosa by visiting

For further information about the Santa Rosa Fire Department please visit our website at:

For other tips on Wildfire prevention go to Firewise at

Please feel free to download the brochure put out by CalFire for homeowners.

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