Endangered Plants
Help to protect sensitive endangered plants

There are two sensitive endangered plants the OSMA is charged with protecting and promoting

Arctostaphylus stanfordiana var. repens (also known as ssp. decumbens) is commonly called Rincon Manzanita.  It’s a low growing shrub that loves our sunny, rocky clay soil and dry summers.

Ceanothus confusus or Rincon Ceanothus is also a low growing shrub with tiny holly-like leaves with light blue to lavender flowers in spring.  Like the Rincon Manzanita, it is found only here and we must work to preserve it.  

The OSMA actively reproduces these plants using cuttings collected in the fall and plants the rooted cuttings the following fall in our open space areas.

Both these plants are the reasons the list of approved manzanita and ceanothus varieties available to plant in Fountaingrove II is small.  Many other varieties of these shrubs can hybridize with our natives, eventually creating new types of plants as the original ones die out.  Please peruse the approved and disallowed plant lists and make smart decisions in your planting schemes.

  • Arctostaphylus stanfordiana var. repens

    (Rincon Manzanita)

  • Ceanothus confusus

    (Rincon Ceanothus)

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