Invasive Plants
Please be aware of what you add to your landscape

It's importnt to note the plants that are prohibited in Fountaingrove II

In the OSMA documents that every homeowner receives is a list of prohibited plants in Fountaingrove II.  Why aren’t homeowners allowed to plant whatever they choose? There are several reasons, actually.  The first reason is that many of the plants on the “do not plant” list are invasive.

Invasive plants are an ongoing battle within our open space.  Non-native plants like Scotch (or other) BroomStar ThistlePampas GrassEucalyptus and others thrive in our climate and grow and spread with amazing speed.  Many are extreme fire hazards, and most provide little or no wildlife value.  They choke out our native plants and are a continuing maintenance nightmare.  Unfortunately, many prohibited plants are readily available at our local nurseries and home stores.  Please be aware of what you add to your landscape!

Another reason some plants are not allowed in Fountaingrove II is that we live in an area with rare and endangered plants – plants that the OSMA is charged with protecting and repopulating.  These plants are threatened when another species of the same plant in planted nearby, leading to hybridization.  Hybridization will eventually result in the loss of our rare species of plant.  Biodiversity is important – you never know what disease may be cured when a discovery is made using a specific plant’s parts!