Welcome to Fountaingrove II

Keeping Fountaingrove's Wildland Urban Interface as a Scenic Treasure

Wildlands comprise 201.7 acres within the approximate 600 acres of the Fountaingrove II development in Northeast Santa Rosa.

Fountaingrove II is responsible for approximately 25 acres of irrigated, landscaped open space.

Recognized as a Firewise Community, Fountaingrove II is the first in Sonoma County to garner this distinction.  


We're Fountaingrove II Open Space Maintenance Association

A community of nearly 600 homes situated in the hills of northeastern Santa Rosa, California, Fountaingrove II is in the heart of the Wine Country of beautiful Sonoma County.

Fountaingrove II Open Space Maintenance Association (OSMA) is charged with responsibly managing its Wildland Urban Interface as a scenic treasure, balancing preservation of a self-sustainable environment of native vegetation and habitat, with the concerns of fire safety for the Community. It must also protect rare indigenous plants, and promote native plants in the revegetation of its landscaped parcels that transition residences to the Open Space Wildlands.

Managing Boundaries

OSMA is responsible for managing the 200+ acres of open space within the defined boundaries of the community.

Informing Community

OSMA works to inform and involve the Community of the objectives and purpose of the Fountaingrove II Community.

Perserving Land

OSMA is home to many species of mammals, birds, reptiles, and several species of rare and endangered native plants. 


Help Us Protect Our Fountaingrove II Wildland

See a Problem?

If you see an irrigation leak, a newly fallen tree or other problem related to our wild or irrigated open space, click here to contact us.

CC&R Question?

If you have a concern regarding your CC&Rs, you are looking for an Architectural Review Committee (ARC), not the OSMA. Please CLICK HERE for more information.  The OSMA is a separate entity and does not enforce CC&Rs or have any authority to do so.