Dangerous Trees to Come Down

Just a couple of things of which you should be aware….

Soon Sandborn Tree Service will remove three fairly significant trees from our open space, two of which are very visible.  All must be removed for safety reasons, and we are very sad to see them go.  

1) The Bay Laurel at the corner of Rincon Ridge and Fountaingrove must be removed because a significant portion of the tree’s base is dead.  It is in serious danger of falling onto the pathway below.  

2) The Black Oak at the very edge of our open space property, just above the home at 4241 Chanate (at the interchange) has been rotting at the base for several years.  We’ve been advised that it is too dangerous to wait any longer to remove it.  

3) A large Madrone tree is growing horizontally out of the dirt road that is accessed near 3692 Crown Hill and is in danger of falling and taking the road with it.  Since this road is our only access to the open space behind the Crown Hill properties, it is imperative that we try to keep it in working order.  

As we are required to do by our governing documents (Design Program), the tree removals were recommended to us by a Qualified Authority and approved for emergency removal by the Fire Department.

On another front…..

The OSMA has been documenting cases of vandalism within our open space (both the planted and wild open spaces) on a fairly regular basis lately.  We’re not talking about egging or graffiti – we’re seeing significant damage being done to trees and shrubs or debris being dumped by our very own neighbors – homeowners who feel that it is their privilege to destroy areas that are not on their property.  It is truly sad and disheartening to see our open space abused so thoughtlessly and callously.    The OSMA is responsible for all maintenance performed on open space. It has policies and practices in place to ensure pruning is done correctly for the health of the trees. Under its governing legal documents, trees are closely monitored by the City, and they are not pruned, cut or damaged for purposes of view.  The OSMA has a chartered obligation to protect open space, and actively pursues any vandalism that occurs thereon, including recovery of damages and the assessment of fines. The OSMA has successfully pursued tree damages that have ranged from a few hundred dollars to well over $25,000.00.  Please keep an eye out for anyone doing something that doesn’t look right and contact Leslie at Focus Real Estate & Investments (544-9443) or Dennis Searles (528-6636) or Kim Nielsen-Glynn (544-7871) immediately.

During the next week, OSMA will be walking through many parts of the open space with Urban Forestry Associates to make plans for work that will be done in the coming months.  We have access roads that will be repaired, areas where large amounts of fuel and debris will be removed for fire safety, and areas where Sudden Oak Death has taken hold where we will be spraying the oaks to try to avoid SOD transmission.  The OSMA is also making some successful inroads towards removing and treating invasive broom.

Please remember to keep your property free of dry grasses or brittle plant material, as now through October is high fire season.  Be safe!